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The Pyramid Lake Natural Resources Single Stream Recycling Program launched in April of  2018.

The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' Division of Environmental Protection''s (NDEP) Recycling Program has awarded grants to six organizations throughout the state of Nevada. 

Pyramid Lake Natural Resources Recycling Program was one of those six organizations. 

The funding comes from revenue received from the sale of tires. 

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (Washoe County) - Recycling Truck: $22,521.50

The Paiute Tribe is requesting funds to purchase a vehicle to support the new recycling program throughout the reservation. This vehicle will be used to facilitate collection and transport to recycling facilities in Reno. The recycling program is the next step for the tribe’s Natural Resources Department’s Solid Waste Plan and would serve 617 households (approx. 1,500 residents) as well as those who use tribal land for recreational activities at Pyramid Lake and Burning Man. The recycling program had a 96% support response from a survey given to the residents.


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