Notice! Please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations below!


Issuance of permit does NOT relieve the Permittee of:
1.    Their responsibility for complying with all Open Burning Regulations as stated in the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Solid Waste Ordinance, No. 52-02-090- Open Burning.

2.    Their responsibility for any damage the fires may cause to other parties or their property. Good judgement should be used when burning even though a permit has been obtained. 

PLPT Solid Waste Ordinance
NO. 52-02-090- OPEN BURNING

a.    It is a violation of this Ordinance to dispose of solid waste by burning in open air, unless the Pyramid Lake Utility Board grants a variance. A Variance may be issued only for the disposal of leaves, weeds, and tree limbs and branches not more than 10 feet long during the approved burning months of the year. A permit must be obtained after the variance is granted. 

b.    Burning barrels are prohibited.

c.    Residential permits for open burning will be allowed and required for the burning of weeds, old lumber and yard waste at all residences within the reservation boundaries. There shall be no open burning during non- permitted months. Notices will be posted when fire conditions exist. Non-burn months will be designated and posted when fire conditions exist. Open burning for the purpose of garbage disposal by any person is not allowed on the reservation, and shall subject the offender to civil and/or criminal misdemeanor liability. The Tribal Fire and Police Department(s) shall be notified prior to any burning so they are aware and capable of responding to all controlled burns. 

d.    Bon-fires more than 4 feet in diameter and 5 feet high will require a special burn permit issued by the Pyramid Lake Utility Board. 

P.O. Box 474

Nixon, Nevada 89424

Phone: (775)-574-0101 ex. 24

Permits are available from October 1st through May 31st. Burning outside of the designated burn season poses a wildfire threat. 
Agricultural Burning:

A person may conduct agricultural burns in fields, piles, ditch banks, fence rows for purposes such as weed control, disease and pest prevention, or site preparation. This does not include burning of household waste or prohibited materials.

If your burn gets out of control:

Call 911 immediately!

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